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Dril (Sea Elves) by leoshades
Dril (Sea Elves)
The Dril, or Sea Elves, were the first and progenitors of all the Elves of Vahl. They generally live beneath the seas, but they are capable of dwelling on land. As the first age, the Age of Valtameret (Oceans), progressed, an increasing number of Dril chose to live upon land, and they evolved into the various races of Elves. This exodus, followed by the losses during the Age of Corruption, has led to unfortunate decline in their numbers. However, they still have many cities and communities beneath the seas, many of which have contact and trade with the surface races.

Background Image: Biscayne National Park,
 Florida, USA by National Park Service / Rob Waara

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Troll Raiders by leoshades
Troll Raiders
A warband of Trolls can make for a formidable foe, striking quickly and with deadly efficiency against villages, even those among the trees. However, the Vahnwa Elves live among self-aware and hive-minded trees which warn them of such violence, allowing them to quickly organize resistance. If such warnings and lines of communication fail to turn the tide of battle, some of the trees themselves can rouse themselves to battle. Even a veteran troll will consider fleeing when facing a Treant towering up to a hundred feet tall lumbering towards them with hostile intent and wielding the strongest of druidic magic.

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Dark Elves by leoshades
Dark Elves
As the Corrupted forces of the Ancients overwhelmed much of the continent of Khal (later to become Breakhal and Darkhal), many of the humans and elves that dwelled on those lands sought refuge beneath the earth. The humans evolved to become the Schek (Dwarves) and Gnomes, while the elves became the Dark Elves. Initially, most Dark Elves remained within the dwarven citadels, where even in the current age there is typically a dark elf district, but now the dark elves have many subterranean settlements, even cities, of their own. Dark Elves are not inherently evil, and generally live peacefully with their dwarven neighbors, but they typically take on the view that the end justifies the means in pursuit of defeating an enemy, an attitude that can occasionally make their allies uncomfortable.


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