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Speed Kills by leoshades
Speed Kills
Speed kills, but in this case, I imagine the flaming blade severing his head was the more lethal element. 

This was inspired by the bike sequence in Final Fantasy VII, despite the fact that I have not played that game in many years. Of course, using my own setting and characters. 

Thank you for looking and any comments you might care to leave...
After decades of research and development, scientists of the Voerthal Empire successfully melded magic and machine to create a phylactery that could contain the souls of individuals and allow them to survive death by inhabiting a dormant cloned body. This techno-arcane phylactery even allowed these agents to be resurrected within their clones across the vastness of interstellar space. Unfortunately, the process of stripping away one's soul and ensnaring it within the phylactery proved to be a process few could endure. After the loss of hundreds of candidates, only three elves survived with both mind and body intact. These three extraordinary agents were given unprecedented resources, powers, and authority throughout the empire. However, if one stares into the phylactery, they can feel their souls stirring within it. Some feel as if the souls are raging, others feel intense agony, and some an uncomfortable emptiness. Only the three agents themselves will remain near it for long, and they rarely speak of what they experience or feel. 

Thank you for taking a look, and any comments you care to leave...
Magefire by leoshades
No special operations unit would be complete without magical support, and this agent of the Irregulars is an expert in both arcane and divine magics. Though one might notice an emphasis on the destructive arcana. Her cloned bodies are lighter on cybernetics than the other team members, but she does typically have communications, memory storage and enhancements, and even a few pieces of tech to enhance spell casting. Healing, "buffing", or just good ole' destructive power; this agent can meet your magical needs.

Thank you for taking a look, and for any comments you wish to leave...
Infiltrator by leoshades
One of the Irregulars, she specializes in infiltration, close quarters combat, assassinations, and, conversely, sniping. She generally takes the leadership role, though the other two will do so when the mission falls under their expertise. Her cloned bodies are typically installed with cybernetics designed to increase her reaction times, avoid detection, and aid in long and close range combat; including an advanced cloaking system that can render her nearly invisible without the aid of an external suit.  Basically, she leads the way, and kicks ass while doing so...

Okay, so that is a lot of info few (if any) will be interested in reading. If you have read this far, thank you, and thank you for taking a look and any comment you care to leave.
Irregulars by leoshades
Agents of the dragon ruled galactic Voerthal Empire, that once spanned almost the entirety of the Lohikaarme Galaxy. With authority over both military and civilian assets, they do not fall within the usual chain of command. They are the Irregulars; not an official title, but one used nonetheless. These agents may requisition nearly limitless resources, however this level of authority does come with a price. After having survived a rigorous selection process, their very souls were forcibly contained within a high tech and arcane phylactery. Death is never a release, but an unimaginable journey to inhabit their next cloned body.  Bodies that can be crafted and enhanced in whatever manner is deemed necessary to carry out their assignments. 

Thank you for taking a look, and for any comments you may chose to leave...


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